A. Duly registered stockholders shall vote for the election of 2 regular directors during the 2024 SSM through electronic voting in absentia.

B. The link to the online voting site will be sent to the registered stockholder through his/her/its e-mail address. The registered stockholder may vote as follows:

(1) For the Election of 2 regular directors, the registered stockholder may vote for all nominees, not vote for any of the nominees, or vote for some nominees only, in such number of votes as preferred by the stockholder, provided that the total number of votes cast shall not exceed the number of shares owned multiplied by 2. The total number of votes the stockholder is allowed to cast shall be based on the number of shares he/she or it owns.

(2) Once voting on the 2 regular directors is finished, the stockholder can proceed to submit the accomplished ballot.

(3) After the ballot has been submitted, the stockholder may no longer change his/her vote. The stockholder will receive a confirmation email that his/her/its vote has been submitted.

C. Thereafter, the Office of the Corporate Secretary shall tabulate all valid and confirmed votes cast through electronic voting subject to validation, if necessary, by representatives of the Company’s external auditors.

D. Registered stockholders shall have until 5:00 PM of 15 February 2024 to cast their votes in absentia. Stockholders will not be allowed to cast votes during the livestream of the 2024 SSM.


A. For stockholders holding ‘scripless’ shares, or shares held under a PCD Participant/Broker – Stockholders are advised to coordinate with their brokers for the execution of this type of proxy, including securing the necessary documents such as the Broker’s Certification on the stockholder’s number of shareholdings and the designation as sub-proxy.

B. For individual stockholders holding certificated shares of the Company – Download the proxy form that is available at

C. For corporate stockholders - Download the proxy form that is available at A copy of the duly signed and notarized Secretary’s Certificate must be submitted together with the proxy form. A sample Secretary’s Certificate is available at

D. General Instructions on Voting by Proxy:

(1) Download and fill up the appropriate proxy form. Follow the instructions on how to cumulate or allocate votes in the election of directors.

(2) Send the scanned copy of the duly executed proxy form by email to [email protected]

(3) Deadline for the submission of proxies is on 5:00 PM of 08 February 2024.

(4) Validation of proxies will be from 24 January 2024 up to 08 February 2024.

If a stockholder avails of the option to cast his/her vote electronically in absentia and also issues proxy votes with differing instructions, the votes cast electronically in absentia shall replace the proxy votes issued by the stockholder.



Axelum Resources Corp. will be hosting the Special Stockholders’ Meeting by remote communication through MS Teams platform on February 21, 2024 at 1:30pm