Global Manufacturing Excellence

Axelum is a pioneering and transformative industry leader, setting the bar on quality and innovation, combined with renewable practices that address today’s challenges. We operate a state-of-the-art coconut processing facility, equipped with cutting-edge technology and backed by international quality certifications, to produce best-in-class coconut products.

A Commitment

Product, People and Planet

Our commitment to the highest standards of quality is aligned with our promise to safeguard the welfare of our people and planet. We continue to invest in modern technology to maintain superior product quality, while empowering people through social campaigns and adopting green initiatives that respond to climate change.

Evolving from Local to Global

Since our inception, we have managed to evolve from a small domestic enterprise into a global food manufacturing company, known for its dedication to quality and sustainability, to become the preferred supplier of premium coconut products.


Visionary Leadership

We are guided by a diverse mix of leaders that govern based on the principles of Axelum’s founding vision.

Our Corporate Structure

Corporate Structure

We are structured to capitalize on operational and resource efficiency to ensure seamless operations from sourcing, production and distribution.

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