We are a local company with a global mindset whose main purpose is to nurture people with our products. Axelum aims to be the definition of excellence in food and beverage manufacturing, distribution and product development.

Axelum unceasingly strives to be:

  • a foreign exchange earner
  • a labor-intensive employer
  • a developer of livelihood in socially depressed areas
  • a leader in cutting edge technology
  • a promoter of spiritual and honorable Filipino values


To become the premier food manufacturer known for its dedication to excellence, client satisfaction and product innovation through our greatest asset: Our People.


We commit to deliver premium products to our customers.

We nurture the environment and support local communities by creating sustainable livelihood that provide economic security and a sense of pride for the Filipino worker.

We believe in the Filipino tradition of ‘bayanihan’ – a spirit of communal work, and cooperation. We are united and committed to the success of our people.

Constant Improvement
We constantly improve our business through continuous learning and innovation.

We uphold the principles of integrity, transparency and accountability in the fulfillment of our duties.

We always strive to be better and recognize each one’s efforts, while staying receptive to new ideas.