Creamed Coconut Distributor in Australia

Creamed Coconut Distributor in Australia

Axelum Resources Corp. today manufacture desiccated coconut, coconut milk powder, coconut cream, coconut water, creamed coconut, reduced fat coconut, coconut oil and virgin coconut oil, devoting a large portion of its production for export to the world’s major continents. We bank on innate manufacturing expertise to enhance existing production and create new food items of superior quality and stability. And having conformed to the unyielding standards of the most reputable names in the food industry with the distinction of being truly and undeniably world class.


Industrial ProductsRetail Products
Fiesta Coconut CreamFiesta Coconut Cream
Fiesta Coconut WaterFiesta Coconut Milk Powder
Fiesta Creamed Desiccated CoconutFiesta Tropicale Coconut Water
Fiesta Desiccated CoconutFiesta Romantika RBD Oil
Fiesta Coconut Milk Powder
Cocorich Reduced Fat Coconut
Fiesta Romantika RBD Oil
Fiesta Virgin Coconut Oil

Creamed Coconut Distributor in Australia



1052 EDSA Magallanes Village,
Makati City 1232 Philippines
Tel:+63 (2) 851 0730 – 40
Fax:+63(2)851 0748 – 49
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Fiesta Ingredients Australia Pty Ltd Suite 3/171 Boronia Road, Boronia Victoria, Australia 3155
Tel.: +61 (3) 9761 3995
Fax: +61 (3) 9761 3686
[email protected]


RV Industries Inc. 1665 Heraeus Boulevard Buford, GA 30518-3383
Tel: +1 (770) 729 8983
Fax: +1 (770) 729 9428
[email protected]


Calle Jesus, 69 Puerta
646007 Valencia, Spain
Tel: +34 664 339 779
[email protected]

Creamed Coconut Distributor in Australia