Enhance Your Products with Fiesta Toasted Coconut

Our Fiesta Toasted Coconut is expertly browned to enhance its natural sweetness, offering a distinct texture and rich aroma. Ideal for a wide range of applications, it adds depth to both sweet and savory products.

Toasted Coconut 1

About Our Fiesta Toasted Coconut

Fiesta Toasted Coconut is made from high-quality coconuts turned into sweetened and unsweetened varieties–giving a nutty flavor, crunchy texture, and a beautiful golden color to your favorite recipes.

Top our sweetened toasted coconut onto confectionaries, desserts, and drinks, or combine it into cereals and trail mixes to add another dimension of taste and chew. You can also use the unsweetened variant to enhance savory dishes, such as breading for fried dishes and more!

✓ Long shelf-life

✓ High-fiber
✓ No Added Sugar

Available Cuts

Toasted Coconut Flake 1


Adds a pleasing crunch and depth to any dish.

Toasted Coconut Medium 1


Enhances desserts with a natural aroma and a hint of toastiness.

Toasted Coconut Fine 1


Delivers a subtle texture and rich toasted flavor, perfect for refined sweets.

Toasted Coconut Chip 1


Ideal for snacking, adding a robust coconut taste to mixes.

Available In:

Sweetened Toasted, Unsweetened Toasted, and Organic

Industrial Pack:

25lbs, 50lbs, or 25kg Kraft Paper Bag

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