Premium Sweetened Coconut for Enhanced Flavors

Our precisely shredded and lightly sweetened coconut is the ideal addition to a wide range of dishes and products, adding a unique flavor that elevates recipes from ordinary to gourmet.
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About Our Sweetened Coconut

Sourced from the freshest coconuts, our Sweetened Coconut is processed to achieve a perfect balance of softness, chewiness, and sweetness, making it an excellent ingredient for various culinary applications. It integrates smoothly into dishes, offering a subtle, natural coconut taste. We are committed to sustainability and ethical practices, supporting local Mindanao farmers and ensuring our operations benefit the environment and local communities.

Available Cuts

SC Medium 1


Ideal for adding texture and a hint of sweetness to baked items.

SC Fine 1

Fine (Macaroon)

Enhances cookies and pastries with coconut’s natural essence.

SC Flake 1


Offers a soft chewiness, perfect for a delicate coconut flavor in recipes.

SC Fancy 1

Fancy Shred

Adds a decorative touch and texture to desserts and dishes.

SC Sweetened 1

Sweetened Chips

Provides a bold coconut flavor and crunch, suitable for baking and snacks.

Available In:

With added SO2, SO2 Free, and Organic

Industrial Pack:

10lbs, 25lbs, 50lbs Bulk Carton

Ask Us About Our Products

For detailed product information or to discuss how our sweetened coconut can meet your business needs, please contact us.