Elevate Your Baking with Axelum’s Desiccated Coconut

Crafted from select white coconut meat and gently dried to retain its natural flavors, our desiccated coconut adds richness to both taste and nutrition, perfect for enhancing your baking and confections.

DC 1

About Our Desiccated Coconut

Our 100% Natural Desiccated Coconut is extracted from premium white coconut meat, then grated and dried to give pastries and desserts a flavorful and perfectly crisp coconut taste! Meanwhile, it also creates moist baked goods when mixed into batters.

✓ Long shelf-life

✓ High-fiber
✓ No Added Sugar

Available in GRANULATED and SPECIAL Cuts

Granulated Cuts

DC Medium 1


Finely textured for a subtle coconut hint in cereals or granola.

DC Macaroon 1

Fine (Macaroon)

Ideal for baking, adding delicate texture to cookies and macaroons.

DC Extra Fine 1

Extra Fine

Best for a smooth finish in baked goods and food sanding, offering a finer texture.

Special Cuts

DC Flake 1


Rustic, irregular cuts for decorative cake topping or seafood breading.

DC Fancy Shred 1

Fancy Shred

Neatly shredded for a decorative, tasty finish on baked goods..

DC Chip 1


A more pronounced coconut texture and flavor, perfect for both cooked and baked dishes.

DC Chip 1

Medium Chip

Pronounced texture and flavor, perfect for enhancing dishes and baked goods.

Available In:

High Fat, SO2 Free, and Organic

Industrial Pack:

25lbs, 50lbs, 100lbs or 25kg Kraft Paper Bag

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