Elevate Your Products With Fiesta Tropicale’s Coconut Water

Our coconut water offers natural sweetness to complement your meals and add dimensions to your dishes. It’s an ideal ingredient for businesses looking to add nutty flavor and nutrients to their products.


About Our Coconut Water

Get a boost of hydration and health benefits with Fiesta Tropicale’s 100% pure coconut water. It’s always extracted from the freshest coconuts picked by hand from organic farms in the Philippines. This drink is a refreshing complement to any meal and is equally perfect on the go, giving you a great dose of vitamins and electrolytes on top of its delicious taste!

✓ No Added Sugar

Halal and Kosher Certfied

Available in Retail and Industrial Packs

Retail Pack


Experience the untouched purity of our natural coconut water.

With Lychee

Savor the classic coconut water taste with a sweet twist.

Available in: 250ml, 330ml, and 550ml in Tetra-pack Edge and Prisma

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Industrial Pack:

200kg – Aseptic Bag in Drum

Available In:

Natural, Custom Formulation, and Organic

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