Upgrade Your Products with Fiesta’s Coconut Milk Powder

Our coconut milk powder has a unique nutty taste and natural tropical aroma, perfect for sweet and savory dishes. Maintaining the nutty flavor and creaminess from the first squeeze, this quality product can address the cooking needs of amateurs and professionals alike.


About Our Fiesta Coconut Milk Powder

Made with 100% fresh coconut, this non-GMO product has the creaminess and full flavor of the coconut’s first extraction, dehydrated into powder for easy use. This ingredient is best for sauces, confectioneries, baked goods, and popular gourmet dishes.

✓ Long shelf life


✓ No need to refrigerate

✓ Halal and Kosher Certified

Packaging and Availability


40g and 120g Pillow Pouch
50g, 150g, 500g, and 1000g Food Service

Industrial Pack:

15kg Kraft Paper Bag
15kg Corrugated Carbon

Available In:

Dairy, Dairy-and-Gluten Free (GDF), Corn-Dairy-Gluten Free (CGDF), and Organic

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