Embrace Tropical Essence with Fiesta Romantika’s Coconut Cooking Oil

Enrich the taste of fried dishes with our coconut cooking oil. Our product is made from carefully handpicked organic coconuts, ensuring you will get the best oil quality for your business.

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About Our Fiesta Romantika Coconut Cooking Oil

Our 100% pure coconut cooking oil with a light texture and clean, neutral taste enhances the flavor and crispiness of fried dishes, both sweet and savory.

✓ Trans-fat free
✓ Cholesterol free

Fortified with Vitamin A

Available Packaging Options:


17kg Tin Can

Perfect for culinary professionals and establishments.


200ml Stand-Up Pouch

Convenient for those seeking quality and taste in smaller quantities.


1L Pet Bottle

Ideal for family use, ensuring that every meal is a celebration of flavor.

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