Axelum: Leading Coconut Milk Distributor in the Philippines


Nourishing and Authentic

Welcome to Axelum, your trusted source for premium coconut milk and coconut cream from the Philippines. We specialize in providing high-quality coconut milk and coconut cream for both industrial and retail markets worldwide, ensuring a rich, authentic taste in every product.

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Enhance Your Recipes with Premium Coconut Milk

Axelum offers top-quality coconut milk, known for its purity and versatility. Perfect for various culinary uses, our coconut milk caters to the diverse needs of consumers and businesses.


Coconut Milk/Cream


Made from desiccated coconut by subjecting to a toasting process. It is available in both sweetened and unsweetened variants.

CMC Variants

Fiesta Coconut Milk Powder


This product is ideal for cooking, baking, and beverages, delivering a rich flavor and numerous health benefits.

Excellence in Every Export: The Axelum Advantage


Axelum Resources Corp. stands out as a coconut product exporter for several reasons. Our state-of-the-art processing facilities, combined with our deeprooted expertise in coconut production, enable us to meet the high standards expected by our international clientele.

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Global Impact, Filipino Heart

Why Partner with Axelum for Coconut Exports?

Quality and Safety

Our products meet the highest international standards for quality and safety, ensuring satisfaction in every shipment.


We are committed to sustainable practices that protect the environment and support Philippine communities.


Continually advancing our production techniques to offer superior quality coconut products that cater to global tastes and needs.

Let’s Connect

Partner with Axelum Resources Corp., and let us bring the finest coconut products from the Philippines to your doorstep. Whether for bulk industrial use or premium retail products, we are poised to meet your needs with excellence and innovation.