Philippine Daily Inquirer, Statista name Top PH Employers

Written by: Linda B. Bolido

In the second year of the search for The Philippines’ Best Employers, a government agency pulled an upset by topping the list and beating mostly private companies.

The Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), with a rating of 9.22 out of a perfect score of 10, is the 2024 Best Employer in the list of 300 drawn up by the Philippine Daily Inquirer in partnership with Statista, the world’s leading data and business intelligence portal.

It bested the United States-based multinational internet search engine Google, which came in second with a rating of 9.17.

Tied in number three with a similar rating of 9.15 were Ayala Land, a long and well-established Filipino property development company, and Axelum Resources, a fully integrated manufacturer, exporter, and retailer of consumer food essentials, primarily coconut-based.

The other six employers that completed the Top 10 list were just as diverse. The Supreme Court, the country’s highest judicial body, was number 5. It was followed by two car distributors Honda Philippines and Nissan Philippines, at 6th and 7th respectively.

The Asian Development Bank, a regional financial institution committed to support and foster the growth and development of Asian countries, was just .01 short of 9, with a score of 8.99, as the 8th on the list.

The others on the Top 10 are Maersk, an integrated logistics company, and Korea-based electronics giant Samsung Philippines.

Every company in the Philippines employing at least 250 people is considered eligible for The Best Employers 2024 distinction. Employers were grouped into 28 industries.

The rest of the Top 300 listing included banks, food manufacturing, business process outsourcing, educational institutions, hospitals, service providers, retailers, and government agencies, among others.

The 300th firm on the list got a score of 7.81.


The Philippines’ Best Employers 2024 is a large-scale and comprehensive employer study that assesses the attractiveness of employers in the Philippines based on an independent employee survey. The Inquirer and Statista released their first list, the Philippines’ Best Employers 2023, last year.

Philippines’ Best Employers 2024

Tens of thousands of evaluations, the opinions of thousands of employees, and the scores for hundreds of companies were taken into account.

Statista pre-researched an initial list of over 2,000 eligible employers via industry lists, employer databases, and desk research. A registration form was also published prior to the survey that allowed companies to register for the employee survey.

To account for other potentially eligible employers, which were not part of the initial list, the indication of one’s employer’s name was posed as an open-ended question.

To compile the list, employees were asked to rate their willingness to recommend directly their own employer to friends and family. Responses were analyzed on a scale from 0 to 10, with 0 meaning “I wouldn’t recommend my employer under any circumstances” and 10 meaning “I would definitely recommend my employer”.

Willingness to make indirect recommendations was gauged by the employees’ willingness to recommend other employers within their industry. Respondents were shown an industry list of pre-researched employers and asked to give an opinion, positively or negatively, on those that stood out to them.

Response options were “would recommend”, “would not recommend”, and “no opinion”. Respondents were also given the option to evaluate further employers that stood out to them positively or negatively via an open-ended question.

The employers’ total scores were based on the respondents’ evaluations, calculated on the basis of direct and indirect recommendations. A greater weight was given to direct recommendations (i.e. willingness of the participants to recommend their own employer).

For the purpose of further analyses and editorial input, respondents were asked over 30 additional questions about work-related topics. They rated their own employer on various aspects of their job (from salary and work-life balance to potential for development), their work environment (colleagues and superiors, equipment), as well as the reputation of their employer (image, growth). The rate of agreement/disagreement regarding the statements was measured on a 5-point Likert scale, a global scale used to assess attitudes and views.

Categories covered by the survey are: Automotive, Banking and Financial Services, Business Services and Supplies, Clothing, Shoes and Sports Equipment, Construction, Oil and Gas Operations, Drugs and Biotechnology, Economy, Politics and Non Government Offices, Education, Engineering, Manufacturing, Food, Soft Beverages, Alcohol & Tobacco, Government Services, Health Care Equipment & Services, Healthcare and Social, Insurance, IT, Internet, Software and Services, Packaged Goods, Professional Services, Real Estate, Restaurants, Retail and Wholesale, Semiconductors, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Technology Hardware & Equipment, Telecommunications Services, Cable Supplier, Transportation and Logistics, Travel and Leisure, Utilities.

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This content originally appeared in the Philippine Daily Inquirer.