Axelum to expand B2B and B2C businesses


Axelum Resources Corporation, the country’s leading fully-integrated manufacturer and exporter of premium coconut products, is aiming to expand its reach overseas by strengthening its B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumers) markets.

In a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE), the firm said it has redefined key strategies to restart its momentum and anchor long-term growth following the entry of Metro Pacific Agro Ventures as a strategic investor.

axelum romeo chan

Axelum Chairman and CEO Romeo I. Chan

“We recognize the importance of adapting in today’s business landscape by keeping in step with evolving market trends, pioneering fresh ideas and more importantly, embedding sustainability in our way of doing business,” said Axelum Chairman and CEO Romeo I. Chan.

He noted that “this critical focus is to ensure that we constantly serve the needs of stakeholders, while contributing to permanent solutions that alleviate marginalization and climate risks.”

axelum products

Axelum’s coconut products


For its B2B business, Axelum is aiming to expand global reach by penetrating unserved and underserved geographies through distributorships, third-party brokers or brick-and-mortar presence.

Recently, Axelum reinforced strategic capabilities by onboarding experienced professionals and reorganizing its salesforce to boost local presence, prioritize on-the-ground networking and account servicing.

At present, Axelum is investing in multiple digital touchpoints to enhance customer lead generation and promote mainstream awareness.

For B2C, Axelum said it is committed to unlocking the massive potential of its consumer segment by reintroducing existing products and developing incubator projects geared towards a thriving health-conscious population globally.

To date, Axelum is actively working on a pipeline of innovative product concepts in various stages of research and testing, with planned launches scheduled in the coming months.

Meanwhile, for 2024, Axelum said it is set to formalize a structured sustainability framework including long- term objectives across its main sustainability pillars; education, health, livelihood and climate.


This content originally appeared in Manila Bulletin.